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Golf is a game that requires plenty of practice but we know firsthand that getting to the course or the range isn’t always possible. With this in mind, we’ve put together this guide that outlines how you can work on key aspects of your game without having to leave the house.


With golf it’s near on impossible to score well if you don’t putt well and many an amateur golfer will find themselves throwing away shots every weekend with unnecessary 3 putts and missed short putts.

Putting is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the game and thankfully it’s also one of the easiest elements of golf to work on at home. Dedicating time to putting practice can make a real difference to your scores and the potential improvements you can make should never be overlooked.

With our range of FORB golf putting mats you can practice putting at home easily. We have options to suit all requirements, with mats that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Putting practice involves a lot of repetition and being able to work on your putting stroke using a putting practice mat will be massively beneficial.

Take a look at some of the putting mats we stock that can be used for golf putting drills below:

A 10ft long dual speed putting mat that can be used indoors and outdoors. Featuring two grades of artificial grass to replicate a fast and slow green.

Available in 10ft and 12ft lengths, this premium golf putting mat can also be used indoors and outdoors. The holes are positioned on a 2-inch incline and can really help improve the length and line of your putts.

The ultimate putting mat, the XL professional mat is 13ft long and 6.5ft wide. Manufactured from 12mm grass polyethylene with a 40mm grass surround that simulates putting from the fringe of the green.


Having a good touch around the greens can save you a few shots a round so it makes sense to dedicate time to working on the variety of golf chip shots you’ll need to have in your repertoire.

Golf chipping practice is something that can be done from home easily. The purchase of a FORB golf chipping practice net that can act as a target and also collect your golf balls could be all you need to get started.

Used outdoors, you can place the chipping net in front of you and play different types of shots into the basket, from lofted chips to lower, bump-and-run styles shots. You can also move the chipping net closer or further away to work on your chipping range, ensuring you feel comfortable playing chips from a variety of distances.

If you want to protect your lawn from any damage, it could also be worth purchasing a golf mat that will ensure your lawn remains intact whilst you complete your chipping drills.

Our FORB Dual Side and Tri Turf mats have distinct sections to simulate different areas of golf courses. Practice as if you’re playing from the fairway or the rough so you’re prepared for all lies on the golf course.

Our top products for chipping practice include:

The essential piece of equipment for golf chipping practice, the pop-up chipping net has a diameter of 60cm and comes with pegs and a carry bag.

The FORB Tri Turf mat features three sections to simulate fairway, semi-rough and rough. The mat is 60cm x 40cm but folds up for easy storage.

The FORB Academy Golf Practice Mat is bigger than the FORB Tri Turf at 5ft x 3.2ft which means you take your stance on the mat. Closely replicating playing from the fairway, the mat also comes with tees so can also be used for shots other than chips.


Whether you’re hitting a driver or a wedge, ball striking is a hugely important aspect of golf. Whilst you may think that you need to head to the range or the course to get your practice in, it’s possible to work on these things from home.

There is no substitute for hitting balls and having a setup in your garden that allows you to practice will do wonders for your game. Whether it’s working on golf swing changes or keeping your current swing ticking over, you’ll benefit from the time you spend practicing at home.

To enable you to practice, we have a range of golf hitting nets that are suitable for use in gardens. These portable golf nets can easily be erected and then taken down, so they don’t need to stay up all year round - although we also have nets available that can be left up throughout the year too.

To complement these nets, we also have golf hitting mats that can be used to protect your grass meaning you can enjoy hours of golf training at home without the expense of the driving range.

The top products for working on your golf swing at home include:

Available in two sizes (8ft x 8ft or 10t x 7ft) our pro pop-up golf nets are perfect for practicing at home. They’re portable, quick and easy to assemble, and extremely durable to withstand even the most powerful shots.

Delivering the additional peace of mind of a golf cage with the portability of pop-up nets, the FORB ProFlex Pop-Up Golf Driving Net/Cage is the perfect option for those who don’t want or haven’t got room for a permanent golf cage.

Similar to the practice/warm-up cages found at golf courses but designed for home use, the freestanding golf cage and net is the ultimate solution for golf practice in the garden.


All of the golf training equipment above is sure to help you improve your game so why not take advantage of the opportunity to practice from the comfort of your own home?


  1. FORD Dual Speed Putting Mat
    FORB Golf Dual-Speed Putting Mat Trainer
    Special Price ₦39,989.99 Regular Price ₦65,989.99
  2. Indoor Golf Mats
    FORB Home Golf Putting Mat
    As low as ₦39,989.99 Regular Price ₦94,989.99
  3. FORB Folding Golf Net | Foldaway Golf Net | Fold Out Golf Net | Net World Sports
    FORB Practice Golf Chipping Net
    Special Price ₦8,989.99 Regular Price ₦17,989.99
  4. Portable Golf Hitting Mat
    FORB Tri Turf Golf Hitting Mat [60cm x 40cm]
    Special Price ₦39,989.99 Regular Price ₦68,989.99
  5. Freestanding Golf Cage With Golf Impact Panel | Net World Sports
    Freestanding Golf Cage & Net [Home Driving Range]
    Special Price ₦299,989.99 Regular Price ₦417,989.99

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