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Lobster® Elite 1

Join the Tennis elite with Lobster's ELITE 1 tennis ball machine. Test & improve your technique and reactions with this amazing training aid! Optional Wireless Remote.

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Power Source:

  • Battery - 240V
  • Playing Time: 4 - 8 Hours (Full Charge)


  • Ball Speed: 10 - 80mph (4 Settings)
  • Ball Capacity: 150 Tennis Balls
  • Feed Rate: 2 - 10 Seconds
  • Ball Elevation: Manual 0 - 60° (Electronic)


  • Random - Horizontal (5 Areas)


  • 19kg / 42lbs


  • Fast Smart Battery Charger Included
Lobster® ELITE 1 Tennis Ball Machine

Much like the ELITE FREEDOM model, the ELITE 1 tennis ball launcher boasts all of the crucial training features that enable players to perform to their maximum capabilities. Featuring ball delivery with added topspin & backspin, electronic ball elevation, an extended battery life, and an optional wireless remote that controls sweep and feed.Utilise complete corner-to-corner random oscillation, up to 60° lobs for practicing those overhead shots, and perfect your return balls & reactions with a delivery speed of up to an incredible 80mph!For simple portability on and off the tennis court, the ELITE 1 has oversized wheels and a folding handle for comfort and convenience. Need absolute control of your game? Then add the optional Wireless Remote to your package. It dictates both sweep and feed, no strings attached.The ELITE 1 model is a must-have training aid for Tennis enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels; ideal for clubs, centres, and venues that supply tennis playing facilities. 

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