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METIS Fitness Slam Balls [3-20kg]

METIS Fitness Slam Balls [3-20kg]

  • METIS Fitness Slam Balls [3-20kg]
  • METIS Fitness Slam Balls [3-20kg]
  • METIS Fitness Slam Balls [3-20kg]
  • METIS Fitness Slam Balls [3-20kg]
  • METIS Fitness Slam Balls [3-20kg]
  • METIS Fitness Slam Balls [3-20kg]
  • METIS Fitness Slam Balls [3-20kg]
Transform your strength & power training sessions with these Fitness Slam Balls. Created using robust materials for maximum longevity. Medicine balls are bounce-resistant – ideal for slams, overhead throws & more. Choice of 7 weights available.

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METIS Fitness Slam Balls – Zero Bounce Medicine Balls For Gym & Home Workouts

An excellent choice for gyms, schools & home workouts, these high-quality Fitness Slam Balls are ideal for developing strength & power across a variety of key muscle groups. Sold individually, these premium gym medicine slam balls are available in 7 different weights, ranging from 3kg-20kg. Expertly designed to easily cope with hard, strenuous workouts, these slam balls are created using tyre tread which features a patterned PVC surface for excellent grip (even when wet). For user safety & increased effectiveness during training drills, these workout balls are bounce-resistant.

  • METIS Fitness Slam Balls – Available in 3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 9kg, 12kg, 15kg & 20kg (sold individually)
  • Tyre tread design with PVC surface for exceptional grip & long-lasting performance
  • Workout balls are bounce-resistant & designed to cope with hard, repetitive workouts
  • Balls are hygienic to use – can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth after use
  • Ideal for building core strength & also targeting shoulders, back, arm & leg muscles

METIS Fitness Slam Balls Specifications

Weights Available:

  • Slam Ball Weights: 3kg (7lbs) | 5kg (11lbs) | 7kg (15lbs) | 9kg (20lbs) | 12kg (26lbs) | 15kg (33lbs) | 20kg (44lbs)


  • Balls are manufactured using heavy duty tyre tread for long-lasting performance
  • Ultra durable rubber shell is specially designed to cope with high-velocity impacts
  • Patterned PVC exterior provides excellent grip even when wet


  • Slam balls are bounce-resistant for user safety
  • Balls can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth to ensure excellent hygiene is maintained
  • Ideal for developing core strength, shoulder, back, arms & leg muscles & more
  • PLEASE NOTE: These Fitness Slam Balls are sold individually
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