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Tennis Nets

As the biggest tennis aficionados on the planet, we at Net World Sports have trawled the globe in order to find the world’s finest materials to create the best Tennis Nets fit for the pinnacle of tennis competitions – the Four Grand Slams.

After successfully designing and manufacturing a tennis net range worthy of gracing tennis courts all over the world, it was time to put a name to the face. After much deliberation, Vermont was henceforth chosen as the brand to take our tennis nets and posts to an elite level in the tennis industry.

Every single one of our Vermont Tennis Nets are delicately treated and stabilised to withstand intense UV rays and infinite barrages of tennis balls over time. Each headband is treated to fully maximise visibility and durability for players, officials, and spectators, and the brass eyelets / grommets are almost completely 100% immune to corrosion. Just like the all-time Tennis legends, our Tennis Nets never quit and will live long in the memory of any player, club, or facility that has the fortune of a Vermont Tennis Net gracing its court.

We have an array of tennis nets that cater to Home Tennis Courts and for Schools Courts that are more cost effective, but the quality oozes from every single net regardless of cost, twine thickness, and headband choice.

For elite Tennis Courts, you’ll need a professional tennis net, in which case you’ll require the 42ft Vermont DT Championship Tennis Net, the best tennis court net for sale online. Our most prestigious doubles net, it has featured in-play at every single Grand Slam tournament in recent years. From down under in Melbourne Park’s Australian Open, to the elegant clay courts of Paris’ Roland Garros, and the deep blue courts of New York’s Flushing Meadows venue. However, our proudest moment was providing the net to the most distinguished tournament in Tennis, the grass tennis courts of the Wimbledon Championship.

The success of the DT Championship Net possessed us to design and create a brand new ‘Wimbledon’ inspired ‘Ultra White’ headband. The traditional-styled headband entirely maximises and enhances the headband’s durability & visibility, whilst also reducing net distortion on ball impacts. Iconic & authentic, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen the likes of SW19 be enticed by its professionalism & sophistication.

On top of its new headband grading, the net also features the standard resin treated & UV stabilised braided twine, but with its Double Top headband, the twine is extra thick to handle frequent wear & tear.

However, anyone looking for cheap tennis nets that possess all the quality of the aforementioned DT Champ only need to browse our range of Vermont Nets and regulation net equipment. Just ask yourself, “what net do I need?”, “How long is a tennis net”, and “do I need a portable or socketed tennis net?”

If you’re doubling up, a doubles tennis net’s dimensions stand at 42ft long and 3.5ft in height. Our Vermont doubles nets are available in the following twine thicknesses – 3.5mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, and 2mm.

As you descend our tennis listings, you’ll notice that Tennis Nets reduce in weight, price, and twine thickness (in millimetres). The lighter tennis nets are good options for how to build your own home tennis court, or recreationally in sports or leisure centres due to their super-lightweight exterior. Our 2mm Vermont Tennis Net, for example, was crafted to be almost featherweight, whilst retaining the durability, style, and grandeur of its net peers. It’s the perfect net for those lucky enough to be in possession of a tennis court in their backyard, or for players on-the-go thanks to its lightweight, portable material.

However, if you have no use for a doubles net, then a singles tennis net is the best alternative cheap tennis net. Available in a 3.5mm Double Top Net or 2.5mm Net, both stand at 33ft long, and reside within tennis court tramlines, rather than doubles nets that extend past the court lines. They are the best tennis net option for those concerned about price, space, or simply for those who are relatively new to purchasing a professional tennis net.

With great power, comes great responsibility; a tennis net that is utilised for professional or competitive tournaments is required to adhere to a number of rules & regulations. A Centre Strap is necessary to adjust and maintain a tennis net’s height along with weight apparatus such as Base Weights, Ground Anchors, and ‘M’ Pegs. Each centre strap anchor is suitable for a specific tennis court surface. Ground Anchors are ideal for hard courts, Base Weights for grass, hard, and clay, whilst M Pegs are easily anchored directly into a grass surface.

Ever wonder why your tennis net is lower in the middle? Well, usually it suggests the tension on the net cord is not taut enough! If you need a device that measures what the height of a tennis net is, you need a height gauge. Luckily, Net World Sports provides a Tennis Net Height Gauge which quickly & conveniently makes sure the net rests at the regulation height of 3ft in the centre. If the top of your net falls perfectly in line with the 3ft black indicator, then you’re regulation ready!

More products we store are Tennis Net Singles sticks – an easy way of changing your doubles tennis nets into singles nets by measuring the distance our and placing the sticks within court tramlines, as well as spare net headline wire for any damage sustained.

Net World Sports also caters for your little tennis superstars with our Vermont Mini Tennis Nets. The ProCourt Mini Tennis nets are renowned in the sports equipment industry as the ultimate portable garden tennis nets (they’re also capable of extending to a Badminton Net). Vermont ProCourt tennis sets are purchasable with Rackets, Balls, or a massive Schools Edition for devoted tennis tutors and PE teachers. 

Super-lightweight, yet remarkably durable, they’re the best and cheapest portable tennis nets for players on the go, or family fun in the back garden. 

So, if it’s cost-effective singles & doubles tennis nets, a heavy duty official ITF regulation tournament net, or a portable garden net for all the family, Net World Sports guarantees you’re getting the very best nets and netting equipment that the industry has to offer.

Create your own Tennis nirvana with Vermont, and Net World Sports! 

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