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Instead of relying on the luck of the Irish on a matchday to come up with the goods, you’ll be relying on your magic-producing skillset with one of our GAA, Gaelic Football and Hurling Rebounder range as part of your regular training arsenal.

Here at Net World Sports we strongly believe that to become the best you must train like the best and by teaming up with us, we can offer our range of premium-quality rebound nets and you’ll be sure to receive the very best in abundance, no matter which rebounder you choose. The beauty about all our Gaelic and Hurling rebounders is the multi-skill approach they possess. From the fundamentals of passing and catching to the more position-specific skills such as shot stopping, our entire rebounder range has all bases covered. With these GAA rebound nets, you can be well on your way to All-Ireland Championship glory.

Our top-quality range of Gaelic rebounders is spear-headed by the RapidFire Gaelic Football & Hurling Rebound Net. The strong and sturdy 1m x 1m frame comes with a firm netting for extreme bounce already attached. The perfect training accessory for testing your high, low and reach catching and ensuring your hand and fist passes are as accurate as they should be, the RapidFire rebounder will not let you down. For a variety of training techniques, the RapidFire rebound net is available as a single-sided or double-sided option. The single-side offers an adjustable angle option allowing you to increase the difficulty of your training by changing the trajectory and distance of bounce for the ultimate test of skill. The double-sided option presents a fantastic opportunity for team training with simultaneous ball trajectory, challenging your squads understanding of each other’s game. Both versions possess an easy-fold system making them remarkably lightweight for excellent storage and portability.

Next in the range is our biggest rebounder to date. The GAA, Gaelic Football and Hurling Mega Rebounder Net. The 2.7m x 2.2m freestanding mega rebound net structure is manufactured from 1mm x 31.8mm steel for superb strength and excellent durability. Similar to the RapidFire Rebounders, the Gaelic mega rebound net boasts 4 different angle adjustments making it the perfect tool for training your catching reflexes and testing your first touch. This mega rebound net is freestanding and tough meaning the GAA action isn’t just restricted to the training field – it can continue in the garden too! With this Gaelic and Hurling Mega Rebound net you may just find you have the next Peter Canavan in your ranks!

The strongest rebounder in the GAA, Gaelic Football and Hurling Range is the GAA, Gaelic Football & Hurling Rebound Net. With this rebounder, you’ll have no trouble taking your game to the next level. Manufactured from tensioned mesh, the netting has been designed to return the ball quickly at unpredictable angles making it the perfect training tool for goalkeepers challenging their shot-stopping abilities whilst providing the ultimate reactions test for the outfield players. Whether you’re looking to improve your catching or challenge your first touch, the unpredictable nature of this rebounder will really help your development. Standing at 2.4m high with a rebound surface of 1.2m x 0.9m, the heavy duty frame is created using galvanised steel frame and comes with rubber points on the base for extra stability and an adjustable angle option to increase the GAA challenge even further.

With the 2.4m x 1.8m GAA, Gaelic & Hurling Kickster Spot Elite Rebounder, you’ll be showing off your Gaelic skills to the levels of Maurice Fitzgerald in no time whatsoever. This Gaelic and Hurling rebounder finely balances superb strength with fantastic flexibility thanks to its steel and fibreglass hybrid design. Its lightweight nature makes it exceptionally easy to move around making it the perfect accessory for a dynamic training session. The rebound netting comes with a black target spot right in the centre so challenging your accuracy levels can be the primary focus with this Gaelic and Hurling rebounder. An ideal tool for testing your fist and hand passes or your shooting accuracy if you’re a top-scoring forward, you can increase the training difficulty by altering the angle and distance of where you stand in relation to the rebound net. Not one for wasting time with a set up or take down either, this GAA Rebound Net can be up and running in just two minutes! Less time working and more time playing is always a winning combination.

The last, but certainly not the least, product in our GAA rebounder range is the 2.4m x 1.5m GAA, Gaelic Football & Hurling Kickster Spot Rebounder. Similar to the 8 x 6 Gaelic rebounder, strength and flexibility is retained with the steel and fibreglass hybrid structure. The rebound net provides an excellent, consistent bounce every time and can be varied depending on the strength of the throw or shot by the user. This rebound net is excellent for creating bouncing loose balls making it the perfect training tool for testing your teams contesting possession skills. After using this rebounder there’ll be no black cards shown for your team as they will have their clean tackling technique on point! Also excellent for testing passing and catching, this rebounder has all the Gaelic Football and Hurling bases covered.

Over the years, we’ve all seen the GAA heroics at Croke Park and wished one day that could be you kicking or striking your way to GAA greatness. To stand any chance of these pipe dreams becoming a reality the hard work needs be done on the training field. Here at Net World Sports we are proud to offer a premium-quality range of GAA, Gaelic Football and Hurling rebounder range. With so many different skills catered for across the GAA disciplines, these Gaelic Football and Hurling Rebound nets really are in a class of their own when it comes to GAA training equipment. Suitable for use by all ages and abilities, we’re confident you’ll be playing with the flair of Pádraic Joyce or striking the ball with the power and accuracy of Henry Shefflin in no time at all.

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