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FORTRESS Trapezoid Batting Cage Connector Kit

Top of the range batting cage corner connectors for trapezoid style setups. Combination of four-way and three-way fittings in galvanized steel to prevent rust. The most comprehensive fittings kit you’ll find anywhere.

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  • Outer Diameter of trapezoid tube - 32mm
  • Inner Diameter of tube connector - 36mm
  • Outer Diameter of tub connector - 38mm
  • Full Connector Kit to Build Your Own Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage If you’re looking for fittings to build your own batting cage from scratch or need replacements to update an existing setup, this set is perfect for both. This robust set is made from galvanized steel welded together on every edge to give you the strongest joints. Every part of a baseball batting cage has to be tough to handle the speed and strength talented players can hit, and these connectors are guaranteed to survive it. Take the challenge of building your own full size backyard batting enclosure!
    • Packs of connectors for 35ft (10.7m), 55ft (16.8m) and 70ft 21.3m) batting cages.
    • Made from galvanized steel welded together on every edge
    • Includes tightening screws for easy construction – no tools required
    Package Contents:
    • 35ft cage – 6x four-way fittings, 4x three-way fittings
    • 55ft cage – 10x four-way fittings, 4x three-way fittings
    • 70ft cage – 12x four-way fittings, 4x three-way fittings
    Building your own batting cage is tough challenge but reaping the reward of years of fun and team victories is more than worth it. Great for all ability levels, from Little League and college baseball to Minor and even Major League.
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